Australia UAE Business Council and Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce Joint Internship Program

Submission 3: Research Paper Outline

Your Research Paper Outline is a high-level document (max 500 words) that is essentially a skeleton or a guideline for your final paper. The Research Paper Outline groups information into appropriate headers, sub-headers, points, and sub-points, and is expressed in short blurbs rather than full sentences. This allows for a short and succinct outline.

Below is an example structure of a Research Paper Outline:

I. Introduction

A. Background Information
– Relevant history 1
– Relevant history 2 (etc)

B. Thesis Statement

II. Main body

A. Supporting Point 1
– Supporting idea 1
– Supporting idea 2 (etc)

B. Supporting Point 2
– Supporting idea 1
– Supporting idea 2 (etc)

… and so on

III. Conclusion

A. Relevance
– Relevant findings 1
– Relevant findings 2 (etc)

B. Reworded thesis statement


Please submit your Research Paper Outline using the form below.